• The Growing Importance of Destination Services


    In the elusive quest to measure ROI for relocation assignments, mobility specialists agree that employee satisfaction, effectiveness, and retention are key.  Often overlooked when developing the framework to support the employee is the impact the transition to a new location can have on the accompanying spouse and children.  An unhappy family can have a significantly destabilising effect on an employee and the organization may not become aware of any issues until it is too late.

    Many relocation programs include benefits to support children’s education or even elderly parents but these are not specifically focused on transition and integration. Adding a destination services package to the program is simple and the cost is far outweighed by the perceived value of these much appreciated services.

    Whether a move is domestic or international in nature, specialized services can fast track the employee & family’s integration by being there to help assuage any fears and uncertainties. We all know that our comfort level in a new location improves once we have made an initial connection and learned more about local neighborhoods, important services as well as the local culture and traditions.

    A destination services package can include a wide array of services; it’s a question of how far you are willing to go to meet the needs and expectations of the employee & family. To illustrate, we present some options in the form of a menu. It all depends on the appetite:

    Appetizers – Often sufficient for the employee who has some prior knowledge of the destination and or fewer family needs.  

    The basic services are often limited to finding a new home with on the ground accompanied visits during house hunting trips.

    A local specialist will spend usually 1 to 2 days with the employee, showing them properties in targeted neighborhoods, and once a decision is made, assist with finalising the transaction.

    Main course Add-ons for an employee in an unfamiliar destination and/or with various family needs. 

    Most services are provided in 1-day blocks of assistance and are customized by the local on-the-ground specialist to suit the most pressing needs in getting to know the area and settling-in, as well as offering spousal employment assistance and possibly cultural training.

    DessertWhen you need to indulge… 

    Some cases require more attention, whether it is for an international move or a senior member of the organization. In other cases, you know that the transition may be more problematic or complicated, often the case when the employee is facing family resistance. These supplemental services provide that additional level of comfort and ease throughout the transition.

    The following is a list of typical services by menu category:

    As illustrated through our sample menu, there is no shortage of options to assist families in their transition to an exciting but sometimes unnerving adventure. More and more companies are relying on a menu of destination services that will contribute to a successful integration and, in turn, a positive ROI.