• RORI™: Return On Relocation Investment System


    How does a company know if a relocation has been successful; that the thousands of dollars that have been invested in moving an employee from one place to another has paid the desired dividends? Measuring the Return On Relocation Investments (RORI™ ) is Ward O’Farrell’s proprietary method to answer these questions. It is based on two factors:

    • the investment, a calculation representing all relocation or assignment costs; and
    • the return, as assessment of the employee’s actual performance in the job, his or her attainment of key performance indicators.

    This may be complemented by gathering feedback from stakeholders, peers at home and host locations, the employee and possibly customers. The process and system is designed to assist managers in making informed decisions regarding the objective of the relocation or assignment, the selection of employees, the estimated cost of the relocation or assignment and the likelihood of success. Ultimately, the goal is to gain insight on the success of the assignment from a quantitative perspective and to drive future actions to improve the value derived from the relocations.