• Give your relocation program a tune-up!


    If your car wasn’t working properly, you wouldn’t do something like sell it.  You would get a tune-up.  You can do the same for your relocation program.Car Maintenance Checklist

    When looking at a poorly functioning relocation program, there can be many causes. In some cases, service delivery has deteriorated to such an extent, affecting the trust and the relationship between the corporation and the service provider, that only a change in supplier(s) can remedy the problem.  Fortunately this is not always the case.

    Why not consider ”re-implementing” your supplier?  View it as “tuning up” your relocation program just as you would your car.  The time, cost and effort to replace a supplier can be very daunting and in some cases result in no measurable improvement in services.  Re-implementing suppliers may unearth opportunities within your relocation program that are not supplier generated and from a cost/return perspective can be quite advantageous. For instance, maybe employee satisfaction surrounding small, inexpensive requests are being delayed because the supplier was set up initially to pass all exceptions through the client.  Simple freedom to operate guideline changes can significantly improve service and reduce program administration.

    While many RFP’s we have managed for our clients have resulted in our client’s decision to change service providers, in some cases, the incumbent has retained the business.  Rather than having the incumbent and client go ahead with business as usual, a full, in-depth re-implementation provides a vehicle for issues to be discovered and root causes to be addressed.  New Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are set as part of revised Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and contracts.  This may result in a re-allocation of the supplier’s staff and other resources, retraining of counsellors, redesign of communication process between the client and the service provider, and investment in web based solutions.

    Re-implementing your supplier could be the quick and easy fix before you embark on a more costly, time consuming process.  So, get your ride relocation program in tip-top-shape by giving it a quick tune up before it needs a full rebuild!